Free Assessment Lesson

The first stage in motorbike training in Scotland is to complete the Compulsory Basic Training course. To make sure your CBT day is an enjoyable experience, that you successfully complete first time, we recommend you take advantage of our Free Assessment lesson.

The cost for your assessment lesson is absolutely free.


  • Let you try before you buy
  • Let you have a look at our company/instructors
  • Let us have a look at you to make sure you want to progress to take  CBT

What we are looking at during the lesson

Your basic balance and hand and eye coordinating and how well you accept instructions while concentrating


At least 30 minutes on the training area but you should expect to be here for about 1 hour.

Our Assessment

Depending how well you get on during the lesson you can book  CBT or if required some pre-CBT training.

To book a course

It would help if you brought your diary/work schedule with you book your motorbike lessons. To reserve any courses simply pay in full and we will keep a space for you

What to bring

  • Your driving licence (full or provisional), if photo licence you must bring the paper counterpart)
  • Warm sensible clothing or any purpose made motorbike clothing (Sturdy jacket, jeans, good boots/shoes and gloves)

We can supply

  • Motorbike Helmets
  • Gloves (better if you use your own as they will ususally fit more snugly)
  • Waterproofs
  • Fluorescent jacket