Training & Testing

Free Lesson

The first stage in bike training in Scotland is to complete the Compulsory Basic Training course, sometimes called the CBT test. At Harley’s Rider Training we want to make sure this is an enjoyable experience that you successfully complete first time so we recommend that you take advantage of our Free Assessment Lesson. Read more about Free Assessment Lesson.


The purpose of this lesson is to prepare you for CBT. Read more about pre CBT.

Compulsory Basic Training

Motorcycle CBT was introduced in December 1990 with the aim of reducing motorcycling accidents by ensuring that everyone has some basic training before being allowed on the road as a learner.

The course involves 5 modules and usually can be completed in one day (depending upon experience). Read more about CBT.

Theory Test

The theory test is the next step towards getting a motorbike licence. It is better to practice mock theory tests before sitting your actual theory test test. You can practice the theory test online.

Find out everything you need to know about the classroom section of getting your license. Read more about the theory test.

Restricted Licence A1 (125cc)

If you are under 19 or are looking for the most cost-effective motorcycle licence the Restricted Licence A1 (125cc) is the motorcycle course for you. Read more about getting your restricted licence.

Restricted Licence A2 (47bhp -500cc)

If you are over 19 or  under 24  you are are looking for the A2  restricted motorcycle licence .The Licence A1 (125cc) is the motorcycle course for you. Read more about getting your restricted A2 licence.

Direct Access Scheme  (600cc)

If you wish to have a full unrestricted licence and you are over 24 then you can take the Direct Access Scheme. This means you take the exact same motorcycle test as the restricted licence A2  except using a larger machine (600cc). You can do this at 21years old provided you have held your A2 licence for 2 years. Read more about getting your full unrestricted licence.

Advanced Test

Think you’re a good motorcyclist? There’s only one way to find out: Take the DIAmond Advanced Motorcyclist Test. Read more about the advanced test.