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Day 2 Advanced Training and Test

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous
Christmas Offers you cant afford to miss day 2 Advanced Training!
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12 Days For Christmas

We have Put together 12 different  Rider Training Offers to tempt you into buying gift vouchers for your loved ones, friends and family Or just as a great idea for yourself

These offers are not JUST for novice Riders!

Today’s Offer ! 

2 x 3Hour Advanced Lessons and DIA Advanced test.


Today for only £275

Normally £328 saving over £50
The DIAmond Advanced Test is the ultimate way to measure your road riding ability, marking you out as a smooth, safe and efficient rider.

The benefits are obvious. Being smoother cuts down on the wear and tear on your Bike, reducing your garage bills. Being safer keeps you and your passengers out of danger and means lower insurance premiums. Being more efficient reduces your fuel bills and means you do less damage to the environment.

We have offers from £900 to as little As £20. So there should be something to suit all Tastes, Requirements, Skill levels and budgets!

Remember these offers are limited and for a day only and when they’re gone they’re gone!!!

Voucher only: can be used within the next 4 months .1day CBT course can be used weekends or midweek.1 booking only no cancellations allowed. Subject to Harleys Rider Training  terms and conditions . Not transferable voucher to be named at point of sale and buyers details to be provided also. By purchasing this you are also agreeing  to Harleys Rider Training using your details for internal marketing


Dia Members

yesterdays  Offer


Normally £125 Save £55!!

Fully Inclusive CBT course

Ride up to 125cc withL pates for 2 years

Voucher only: can be used within the next 4 months .1day CBT course can be used weekends or midweek.

1 booking only no cancellations allowed. Subject to Harleys Rider Training  terms and conditions . Not transferable voucher to be named at point of sale and buyers details to be provided also. By purchasing this you are also agreeing  to Harleys Rider Training using your details for internal marketing


Here's why Diamond


DX 2

for offer

Call 01355 264 801




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12 Days for Christmas

Friday, November 30th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

Hi Everyone,

Well we’ve been busy all year at Santa’s  (big Jim’s) Grotto…..Busy that is ,thinking up great offers for training gifts  and vouchers  for Christmas and beyond.

We will be putting a “Special Offer” on our website, Twitter and Facebook page each day they will be limited offers available on a first come first serve basis.

Please keep watching an checking your email!




Rules from Jan19th 2012 BOOK NOW !!!

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous
Age 17 to 20
Currently at age 17 plus you can take your test on a 125cc bike. Pass and then have a reasonably powered bike (any motorcycle restricted to 33bhp) then just wait 2 years and you automatically get a full licence for any bike.
Age 21 +
You can take your test on a 500/600cc bike and then have a licence for any bike, any power any size.

Alternatively – You could also still take the 125cc test shown above on a 125cc and have the restriction for 2 years then automatically get the full unrestricted licence too.

Age 17 or 18
From 19th January 2013. You can take your test now on a 125cc and that’s what you are limited to until the age of 19, when you can train and take another test if you choose – otherwise restricted permanently to 125cc. There is no automatic progression!
Age 19 to 23
From 19th January 2013. You may take your test now on a 400cc or restricted bike (min 395cc – between 33 Bhp and 46.6 Bhp). When you pass then you can ride a restricted motorcycle producing no more than 46.6 Bhp Eg. older Kawasaki ER500 or a middleweight bike that has been professionally restricted. NOT however large bikes that originally produce more than 92 Bhp – this means pretty much everything over 600cc is excluded from you that is a modern sports bike or sports tourer. Also the power to weight ratio is set at a maximum of 0.2 Kw/Kg – this means light or smaller cc sports bikes are not allowed too.
Now wait 2 years or until you are 24 when you can train and take another test if you choose. There is no automatic progression!
Age 24 or older
From 19th January 2013 you may take training and pass your test on a 600cc plus motorcycle that produces at least 53.6 Bhp (much more powerful than the minimum today). Pass your test on this and you have a licence for any motorcycle, any size, any power.


Cheapest CBT Arouund? only £79.99

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

Hi all,

We thought we would do all you budding motorcyclists a favour……!! Especially with the change in laws!!!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY CBT £79.99 (midweek)

No gimmicks ,no up sell just CBT!!!

OK THEN…..we’ll include a free lesson if needed….How’s that !!!

Courses must be paid at time of booking (limited time offer) and must be taken by end of  November 2012.


New Rules and relevent information

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

Changes to rules for motorcycles used for riding tests

The European Union Commission is to introduce new rules for motorcycles that can be used on test. They are due to come into effect at the end of 2013.

An amendment to the Third Driving Licence Directive will change the existing criteria. (Further details)

For Category A it increases engine power from 40kW (approx 54 bhp) to 50 kW (approx 67 bhp). It also includes a minimum weight of 180 kg unladen mass weight. We understand from the Commission that this means “kerb weight”. The change means that the range of motorcycles available will reduce. We estimate that around 10% of vehicles listed against the existing Third Driving Licence Directive minimum test vehicle (MTV) requirements for Category A will be affected.

We did not support this change at such a late stage and raised concerns about the impact this would have on the industry. However, we were in the minority seeking a longer period for implementation from the Commission, and we have not been able to secure any longer period than the end of 2013.

It is still possible the Commission’s plans will change as they are subject to EU Council and European Parliament approval.

The changes to the rules decrease the minimum kW output for A2 motorcycles from 25kW (approx 33.5 bph) to 20 KW (approx 27bph) which will increase the range of motorcycles available. The earliest these changes will come into effect will also be the end of 2013. So there will be a period when the more restrictive provisions of the original directive (for example the 25kW minimum engine power for medium sized motorcycles) take effect before the amendments are put in place.

In summary:

  • the rules for categories A2 and A have been updated to confirm the 5cc tolerance on engine capacity
  • a power to weight ratio (as distinct from engine displacement) to cater for electric motorcycles is included; and
  • a change to the minimum engine power (kW) for medium sized motorcycles (Category A2) with a decrease from 25 kW to 20kW;and
  • a change for the largest of motorcycles (Category A) with an increase from 40kW to 50 kW. For Category A, the directive also includes a minimum weight of 180 kg unladen mass weight)

Changes to rules for motorcycles used for riding tests table

Licence category Min. speed (km/h) Engine displacement(cm3)* Power to weight ratio if powered by an electric motor Power (kW)**
Min. Max. Min. Max.
AM 4
A1 90kph Min 120 0.08 0.1 11
A2 *** Min 395 0.15 0.2 20 35
A **** Min 595 0.25 50

Motorcycle test and training

The Department is reviewing the motorcycle test and is working with trainers and rider groups to consider alternative ways of providing a motorcycle test that maintains UK riding standards and improves accessibility and safety of the test candidates, while meeting the requirements of the European Directive. The aim is to devise changes to the motorcycle test that will enable us to deliver a single event test that can be carried out on the road, as far as possible, in all parts of Great Britain.

Meanwhile, the existing module one manoeuvres test was amended on 16 May 2011, to address some of the concerns raised in the review about the content of the test, in existing locations.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is also taking forward broader improvements to the way the motorcycle training is delivered, to ensure that riders are equipped to ride safely and to raise standards in the training industry. This is in line with similar moves regarding car driver training.

Subject to these trials, there will be a public consultation on any proposals for changing the motorcycle test, with the aim to implement a new test during Winter 2012/13.

THINK! motorcycling

The THINK! motorcycling strategy aims to create empathy between car drivers and motorcyclists, whilst at the same time raising awareness about the steps that can be taken by both parties to avoid crashes. Car drivers are encouraged to notice motorcyclists on the road by thinking more about the person riding the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists are encouraged to take steps to manage and reduce their own personal risk through wearing appropriate safety gear and taking up further training. The latest THINK! campaign ‘named riders’ aims to raise awareness of motorcyclists by humanising them in the eyes of drivers.

Research shows that empathy with motorcyclists is important. Drivers with relatives who ride motorcycles have been reported to have fewer collisions with motorcyclists and have better observation skills in regard to motorcycles.

Motorcycle helmets

SHARP, the safety helmet assessment and rating programme, tests and rates motorcycle helmets to a higher safety standard than the basic CE standard they all must meet. The SHARP rating system helps riders make a more informed choice when choosing a helmet.

Jim At Parliament

Friday, March 9th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

Training Course sale March 10/11/12 2010

Friday, March 9th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

HARLEY…A big Sale!!!

This is a fantastic offer.

Das this weekend only £699. Inc Bike hire, Theory and Test fees.

Restricted Licence £599.Inc Bike hire, Theory and Test fees.

Intensive or non-intensive Courses
CBT £79.99 (midweek) £99.99 (Weekend)

All full licence courses will be entitled to an Advanced Lesson Voucher FREE.

T&C’s apply-Courses must be started before end of March all fees due at time of booking. Offer only from March 10 to March 12.
Call on 01355 264801

Jim’s Off To Parliament

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous

Harley’s Rider Training,

Jim Harley has been invited to attend the Motorcycle awareness and lobby day in Parliament on March 7th.

We have also set up 2 private meetings with Jim Murphy MP (East Renfrewshire) and Michael McCann MP (North Lanarkshire). He will be meeting them in RM 13 at 3pm to discuss Motorcycling and its benefits and also to discuss the problems (and joys) relating to running a motorcycle business!.

More Info Here M.C.I.T.A

New Rules January 11 2013

Friday, January 27th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous
New Rules For Motorcycle Licences! ACT NOW!

* Age 16 CBT Provisional Moped, Theory and hazard perception test, Off road manouvres test, on road test. Full Moped licence.
* Age 17 CBT Provisional A1 motorcycle,  Off road test, on road test using 125cc bike. Full A1 licence. Restricted to 125cc 14 BHP for ever.
* Age 19  CBT Provisional (Or full A1 licence more than 2 years ago..No theory req :))A2 motorcycle, Theory & hazard test. Off road test, on road test using 33 BHP bike greater than 395cc. Full A2 licence. Restricted to 47 BHP for ever or upgrade after 2 years to A.
* Age 21 ( Having completed A2 at least 2 years ago) , A motorcycle. Off road test, on road test using 47 BHP bike greater than 595cc. Full A licence.
* Unrestricted Direct Access will remain but at age 24 years.

It sounds complicated…. It is complicated…. Look, suppose you are 17 years old and you want a bike licence.

* There’s 3 steps, at 17, 19, 21 years old.
* Each step involves, off-road, and on-road tests. (Possibly I’ll come to that in more detail later.)
* Each step must be taken the bike bigger than you are currently allowed to ride, and practiced for under Instructor supervision.

A rather discriminatory effect might be that the existing A2 route for learners is abolished. There will be no way for a smaller (or height disadvantaged ) person to get a full licence anymore. (2 years experience on a 33bhp to then upgrade automatically). The disadvantaged will have to cope with A2 on test, like it or lump it. (We have altered before and will continue to alter bikes to help the short of leg!)

Another problem of failing to act could be that if there is a Bow wave of candidates as there was the last time there was a law change.Then you may be faced with having done a Mod1 test on a 500 + (Das) bike and having to do it again on a smaller bike for A2 (if your between 21 and 24 on 19th January 2013) or having to go again on a larger bike if it was done on a 125 and you wish to ride something bigger.

We the training industry are perusing a training upgrade option the training is likely to be around 7hrs duration.This is a great idea as we would be able to assess the competences of the customer on most road environments in that time. The downside is that the directive I believe requires the Mod 1 test at all sages, so training upgrade is not really an option. Most training schools will insist on some confirmation training  before the testing upgrade which will offer a chance to influence again the attitudes and abilities of the trainee.

Testing for my money is at least an impartial view of the rider even if its just a snap shot.

The bottom line is that training at the moment is comparatively cheep in terms of pricing over the last 5 years but wont be come the summer and availability is good again only getting worse toward the law change so ACT NOW!



Industry Tackles DSA and EU on New Test

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 | Posted in Miscellaneous

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) and specifically the Motorcycle Industry  Trainers  Association (MCITA) of which I was one of the founding members and committee member for 3 years have been working as hard possibly even harder than ever to safeguard the training industry and the rights of new motorcyclists to a sensible and cost effective testing regime.

This is the latest press release on that subject:-