Dsa Worrying about test availability….Shouldn’t you?

Cancelled tests – bad weather

We have just spoken to the DSA’s Trainer Booking team  in Newcastle.  It is snowing there and in many other areas around the UK they are experiencing bad weather with low temperatures.  This has meant that tests are being cancelled.  To try to ensure that any tests lost are rescheduled before 19th January 2013 the DSA have been working very hard to utilise examiners as efficiently as possible, moving them around the country and taking spare capacity from car tests but these extra tests created have all  now been booked.   It has now got to the point that any further test cancellations due to the weather, will not be rescheduled to take place before the 3 DLD deadline.


The only possible advice that the DSA can give, is that anyone experiencing this problem (if they have any  test booked between now and the 18th January) should prioritise who they allocate them to, by perhaps giving the under 24’s tests where possible, or those seeking an A2 test rather than an A test. The DSA cannot allow anyone to test on the current basis after the new legislation comes in on 19/1/13, as they would be in breach of the law.  They do realise that this will be very inconvenient, but have done their best and can do no more to help. The call centre is very busy and it is difficult for operators to answer your calls, so unless you have an urgent need to speak to them, they ask that you wait a couple of days before calling.