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New Rules January 11 2013

Friday, January 27th, 2012 | Posted in Miscellaneous
New Rules For Motorcycle Licences! ACT NOW!

* Age 16 CBT Provisional Moped, Theory and hazard perception test, Off road manouvres test, on road test. Full Moped licence.
* Age 17 CBT Provisional A1 motorcycle,  Off road test, on road test using 125cc bike. Full A1 licence. Restricted to 125cc 14 BHP for ever.
* Age 19  CBT Provisional (Or full A1 licence more than 2 years ago..No theory req :))A2 motorcycle, Theory & hazard test. Off road test, on road test using 33 BHP bike greater than 395cc. Full A2 licence. Restricted to 47 BHP for ever or upgrade after 2 years to A.
* Age 21 ( Having completed A2 at least 2 years ago) , A motorcycle. Off road test, on road test using 47 BHP bike greater than 595cc. Full A licence.
* Unrestricted Direct Access will remain but at age 24 years.

It sounds complicated…. It is complicated…. Look, suppose you are 17 years old and you want a bike licence.

* There’s 3 steps, at 17, 19, 21 years old.
* Each step involves, off-road, and on-road tests. (Possibly I’ll come to that in more detail later.)
* Each step must be taken the bike bigger than you are currently allowed to ride, and practiced for under Instructor supervision.

A rather discriminatory effect might be that the existing A2 route for learners is abolished. There will be no way for a smaller (or height disadvantaged ) person to get a full licence anymore. (2 years experience on a 33bhp to then upgrade automatically). The disadvantaged will have to cope with A2 on test, like it or lump it. (We have altered before and will continue to alter bikes to help the short of leg!)

Another problem of failing to act could be that if there is a Bow wave of candidates as there was the last time there was a law change.Then you may be faced with having done a Mod1 test on a 500 + (Das) bike and having to do it again on a smaller bike for A2 (if your between 21 and 24 on 19th January 2013) or having to go again on a larger bike if it was done on a 125 and you wish to ride something bigger.

We the training industry are perusing a training upgrade option the training is likely to be around 7hrs duration.This is a great idea as we would be able to assess the competences of the customer on most road environments in that time. The downside is that the directive I believe requires the Mod 1 test at all sages, so training upgrade is not really an option. Most training schools will insist on some confirmation training  before the testing upgrade which will offer a chance to influence again the attitudes and abilities of the trainee.

Testing for my money is at least an impartial view of the rider even if its just a snap shot.

The bottom line is that training at the moment is comparatively cheep in terms of pricing over the last 5 years but wont be come the summer and availability is good again only getting worse toward the law change so ACT NOW!