Important information from DSA

Before you would probably  have lost the test booking!!!

Lost module 1 certificate – new changes planned from Tuesday 1 November 2011

DSA is updating the procedure for candidates who want to take their module 2 motorcycle test but have lost their module 1 certificate.

From tomorrow, if this happens, either you or the candidate should tell DSA’s contact centre 0300 2001122 as soon as possible and before the module 2 test. This will let DSA carry out the necessary checks and update the module 2 examiner in good time before the test date, so that the test can proceed smoothly.

Not before time IMHO. This would have caused real drama at the Module 2 Test In Shielldhall as anywhere but DSA have at least listened to reason. Problem is Mod1 passes are not stored on the computers at DVLA! (I think?)